Drink Review: The Wild Geese Rum

February 9, 2015

I have been holding on to these bottles of rum for quite some time, slowly draining the life from each. I struggled for awhile to decide on what I thought of them, besides their beautifully designed bottles. Taken from The Wild Geese Collection, these premium bottles are strong in comparison to other rums, similar to the way Irish whisky is to bourbon. From the first sip it’s apparent that it is no sugar-coated Baileys.

Wild Geese Golden Rum 37.5% abv

Lower in percentage and younger, the Golden rum is no less powerful. The strength of the alcohol makes my eyes water just from lifting the glass. The fragrance is infused with a sweet undertone of butterscotch that ensures I’m not completely turned off. The taste matches with its sweet undercurrents of apricots and candy. I can taste the wooden bourbon oak barrels that the rum was matured in, and I can taste the strength of the alcohol knocking me to the floor, causing me to spout all my life’s secrets at my neighbouring drinker.

When drinking this rum for the hundredth time I realise why I can’t form a decision. It’s because the next day I can’t remember any opinion I’ve made. So I quickly scribble down some notes and move on to the next.

Wild Geese Premium Rum 40% abv

Probably my favourite of the two, and not just for its diamante-encrusted skull adorning the bottle or its exotic childhood of 8 years in Barbados and Jamaica. It’s because this rum somehow tastes smoother and more blended, with nutty almond flavours coated in vanilla. It’s of the same colour as the golden rum but with a slightly honeyed shade. When pouring, it smells fresh and light reflects the body of the rum. The flavour lingers long after I’ve had a drink, which I compliment with a vat of ice cream. Lord knows why I am not fat.

The rums both seem very similar but are in a league of their own compared to rums such as Kraken and Captain Morgan’s which don’t have as much muscle. The Wild Geese have produced two hearty rums entwined with petite pinches of sweet flavour. I will savour them until I forget.

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