What Does Queen’s Millionaire Waltz Malbec Taste Like?

October 8, 2015

Millionaire Waltz Malbec  14.5% abv

Malbec is fast becoming my Sunday drink. After a hard hitting Saturday night getting lashed you need something warm, healthy(ish) and paired royally with a roast. Cue red wine, and top of the red wine list for me at the moment happens to be a good Malbec.

The label of Millionaire Waltz Malbec is so majestic with its monochrome pattern and gold labelling that I feel like a rock star just holding it in my hand. It’s a 2013 Mendoza Argentinian Malbec which comes as no shock due to the overwhelming amount of Malbec acres there are in Argentina at the moment.

Something as extravagant as this deserves to be paired with a good slice of duck during my soul crushing hangover. So I dust off the oven that I haven’t used for almost a year, push Daffy in the oven and begin to pour myself a large glass of Millionaire Waltz.

It’s a dark and inky variety of wine that is usually quite rich. The smell pouring from the glass is of berries and liquorice with a slight touch of chocolate cake. It has a sharpness to it that makes me think that it might taste dry. So taking a sip, I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s has a smooth velvety texture and tastes of blackcurrant and slightly plummy. There is a quaint spice in this melange of flavours, but very subtle. My tongue “waltzes” in appreciation.

The more I drink, the more I fall in love with this wine. I would most definitely spend the extra few pounds on this bottle rather than a sub-standard £5 red that I pick out from the offy. This Malbec has got me drinking to the sound of the song parade. It goes to show, that some wines inspired by icons can be good.

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