Drink Review: London Fields Brewery Easy IPA

August 25, 2015

London Fields Brewery, Easy IPA 5% ABV

Indian Pale Ale is having a moment. With the rise in popularity of craft beer, every brewer is whipping out their own IPA quicker than a flasher in an alley. So it came as no surprise that London Fields Brewery jumped on the band wagon and made their very own.

But as many may think, Indian Pale Ale isn’t actually from India. IPA got its name from a 19th century style of beer that was made to last long journeys to thirsty British soldiers in India. It was always typically brewed in England and full of hops to keep it fresh as a mutha. Eventually, America followed suit and used American hops to brew their IPA with a slight rise in alcohol volume. London Fields Brewery decided to do a mixture of traditional English and American IPAs.

At the launch, I come face to face with the spangled plucks of a sitar in the arms of a cross legged Asian man. London Fields Brewery has transformed their bar The Brewhouse into an Indian paradise complete with a pop-up curry takeaway, which as we all know is the perfect accompaniment to beer.

They dish up the new Easy IPA in bottles and on draft. The bottle bares a psychedelic graphic they fits perfectly with the Indian theme, so much so, that I begin to wonder if it will taste spicy. It doesn’t. It’s made from Cascade, Citra and Pacifica Hops with an ABV of 5%.

I get a strong mouth of grapefruit which is balanced perfectly with the hops. Just as the name suggests, this IPA is so easy to drink that it could replace water. I would love to taste a bit more flavour or something different but it’s is an ideal drink to knock back when you’re on a long-haul session. I’d recommend tasting from the bottle; as it’s a bit more complex but either way, Easy IPA doesn’t disappoint.

After a few more I realise it went down far too easy because now I’m in the mood to stay out all night. I drag myself home before I cause more carnage. This evening and the IPA reminded me of Blue Oyster Cult’s As Beautiful As A Foot which can really tap into that atmospheric Indian theme they’re trying to portray.

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