Drink Review: King Of Soho

April 28, 2015

40% ABV

Soho is dirty, sexy and always the temptress. At night, her streets (or at least some of them these days) are lined with sex, strangers and misfits tottering about whilst the sounds of glasses chinking can be heard from one of many shadowy back alleys. It’s only fitting then that this provocative London Dry Gin should be named her king.

The King Of Soho is produced in the pulsating heart of the city and has slipped into the London Dry Gin scene via West End Drinks. The bottle is coated with teal and adorned with an illustration of a sinister looking man that appears to have a foxtail. Perhaps he is the real King Of Soho, the late Paul Raymond who the gin is a tribute to. The eccentric, rebellious Paul Raymond became the King Of Soho after opening the UK’s first strip club and went on to own a soft porn publishing empire. Evoking the king, the bottle design is elaborate and alluring, but anyone can get their hands on one of these for around £11.95 for 20cl.

The bespoke gin is made from 12 classic gin botanicals including juniper, coriander and a high level of citrus fruits. Upon pulling the cork, there is an instant smell of grapefruit that pours from its nozzle. The juniper matches this strength which creates a charming fragrance.

The gin is light and smooth in flavour with the taste of the grapefruit being king. This suave blend makes it possible to have this drink as naked as the girls in the Raymond Revuebar Strip Club (now The Box). The King Of Soho lathers your mouth, leaving a slight hint of spice and those ever-present juniper elements. It has real power that would serve well on any destructive evening in central London.

For a gin that takes the name of the king, it certainly gives a royal impression. This modern take on a classic London Dry Gin produces something more extraordinary. This isn’t a game-changer but certainly an improvement on the timeless spirit. It’s sour notes and citrus aromas makes it a drink that the king of Soho could be proud of.

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