Drink Review: Glen Moray

August 4, 2015

Spirit 69% abv, Classic 40% abv, Port Cask 40%, Peated Single Malt 40%, Peated Spirit 69%

Hipflasks. They’re beautiful aren’t they? Not only do they have some intricate amazing designs but also they become your ultimate companion, feeding you alcohol whenever you’re in need of a bar. The only dilemma it brings, is what to put in it. I’ve seen people put sticky amaretto in it, cheap vodka and even vodka lemonade (what the fuck??) which made the hip flask puncture like a bank robber’s car from the 1930’s.

So the ideal drink is whisky right? But with so many out there, it’s still a tough decision but I think I have found a contender. A box full of Glen Moray’s collection was always bound to hold the key.

The Classic smells like honey and is ideal for a breakfast. Its warming taste fills your mouth with oats and marmalade. I’d slip it into a morning coffee or when you really need a hug. Their New Make Spirit has a powerful kick and smells strongly of agave. With it’s clear colour and strong percentage, I feel like it’s verging more on toilet cleaner than whisky but good for a quick fix.

The Port Cask is beautiful and tart like the inside of a cherry pie. I taste summer berries and would knock seven shits out of a punch. Pairing this with dark chocolate would make for the perfect survival kit. Fuck Bear Grills.

The New Make Peated Spirit contains a lovely amount of smoke and has more wood than Harrelson. I feel the burn baby burn as it hits the back of the throat. This would be the perfect addition to a night cap, whilst shivering around in paper thin tents. Either grab this or someone’s body warmth. Classic Peated Single Malt is citrusy and smells more bush than a 70’s lady garden. This one is a dirty boy. It tastes of earth and feels like I’m breathing more smoke than Dot Cotton.

The clear winner is the Port Cask for its complexity and fruity hints. It’s strong enough to give me a good hit and nice enough to enjoy straight. The latter were good, but not as unique as the Port Cask. I will definitely be choosing this one to reside in my leather-jacketed hip flask throughout festival season… and winter season.

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