Album Review: Dhani Harrison – IN///PARALLEL

October 2, 2017

I’m sure Dhani Harrison could do without the comparisons to his famous father. So in this review, I’ll spare him.

And really, it’s unnecessary because IN///PARALLEL is unlike any of The Beatles’ work. This is the making of an artist who has their own separate inspirations and styles. It’s inevitable that Dhani would become part of the world his father once ruled.

Every track on Harrison’s debut IN///PARALLEL is a dive into a calming puddle of psychedelic, technical arrangement. This record could easily be the soundtrack to a blockbuster sci-fi movie. This may be due to Harrison’s experience in soundtracking films and TV shows in the past.

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Tracks like ‘#WarOnFalse’ are reminiscent of ’90s industrial sounds like that of Nine Inch Nails or early Manson. But what Harrison has really mastered in this record is the atmosphere. From the first track ‘Never Know’ it feels like a hypnotic meditation, especially with the faint murmur of a sitar. This music is more absorbing than any sheet of bounty kitchen roll.

Harrison’s vocal ability is quite apt for this style of music. On ‘London Water’ Harrison coos with the angelic voice of Mareki. Both voices cleanly slice through the music, even when reduced to a whisper.

Harrison has used a vast arrangement of instruments on this record, which is unsurprising considering he plays many instruments himself. He uses many in the standout piece ‘All About Waiting’ which is the most memorable lyrically and in terms of melody. Many of the others tracks stick like an old Pritt stick but grow with repeated listening.

The album closes poetically on the stripped bare ‘Admiral Of Upside Down’- a slow waltz which climaxes on a much-invited guitar solo. IN///PARALLEL showcases Dhani Harrison’s own ability to craft interesting music with his own styles and influences. But if you were waiting for a modern-day George Harrison, here comes the son… couldn’t resist.

Dhani Harrison’s IN/PARALLEL is out 6th October 2017.

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