The Carouser Awards: The Results

February 11, 2017

Over 500 of you voted for your favourite bars, bands and booze to win our annual Carouser Awards this year. We had fun watching the winners swap and change constantly but now, we have crowned your champions after a live Facebook video on Friday 10th February. Thank you for taking part and without further ado, here, are your winners.

Soundtrack of 2016: Best Album

Black Sabbath – The End

65.7% of the votes

Stage Stallion Award: Best Live Performance

Europe @ The Roundhouse

33.1% of the vote

Fresh Meat Award: Best New Band

Red Hawk Rising

41.1% Of The Vote

The Muddy Boot Award: Best Festival

Ramblin’ Man Fair

61% of the vote

Carouser Hangout Award: Best Rock Bar

Big Red, Holloway

55.8% of the vote

Fresh Paint Award: Best New Bar

The Lounge, Archway

60.3% of the vote

The Stray Wolf Award: Best Pop Up

German Sex Dungeon

53% of the vote

The Noise Cave Award: Best Live Music Venue

The Forum, Kentish Town

34.6% of the vote

The Nightwalker Award: Best DJ Night


40.6% of the vote

The Stranger Award: Best International Bar

Rainbow, LA & Halford Rock Bar, Berlin

34.7% of the vote each

The Hard Stuff Award: Best Spirit

Jameson Caskmates

30.7% of the vote

The Pint-Filler Award: Best Brewery

Weird Beard Co

32.4% of the vote

Beer & Burger Award: Best Burger Bar

Almost Famous

34.4% of the vote

The Stomach Soaker Award: Best Food

The Blues Kitchen

54.2% of the vote

Freshly Spilt Award: best Newcomer

Motörhead Beer Röad Crew

57.9% of the vote

Carouser Of The Year: Best Rock N Roll Drinker

MetalTalk’s Steve Goldby

37.6% of the vote

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