BrewDog Shock And Repulse In New Advert

September 7, 2015

Scottish beer brewers BrewDog have upset thousands with their new provocative video campaign.

The YouTube Video shows the founders James Watt and Martin Dickie dressed up as homeless people and prostitutes in a way that isn’t exactly PC. Naturally, people of the internet have been offended and have threatened to boycott the brand.

The campaign promotes “Equity for Punks“; a crowdfunding initiative to raise money for the brands expansion to sell off shares os their company. They plead “don’t make us do this” and reveal that they would do anything to promote the next step in their business.

One commenter, Graham Burnett said, “Always thought your ‘Punk Beer’ was pretty crap, so not surprised you are going for transphobic, sex worker, homeless mocking stereotyping rubbish like this. Fuck you.”

Although the label transphobic has been given to this video, we don’t see how a video showing the boys whoring themselves out in women’s underwear could be described as anything more than a inane joke.

What’s more offensive is the use of the word “punk”. The clothes, Muse and all their talk of business is far from the anarchic ideology. But is this Political Correctness gone mad or a discriminative piece of propaganda? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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