Boudoir Beauty: What The F*** Is The Vegan Facelift

May 13, 2016

We get a lot of questions about what we like to call our “Vegan Facelift”. So let’s break it down for you.

This non-surgical facelift is a radio frequency treatment that can be used on various parts of the body to perish fat and tighten the skin. It’s been used for a long time in medicine – over 75 years to be exact! This technology effectively heats tissue by passing electrical currents via electrodes at different frequencies – burning away fat cells quicker than we can say ‘vegan’.The best thing about The Vegan Facelift is that the treatment takes a short time and you can go back to your daily routine straight after – perfect for a naughty lunchtime treat! It’s effective on all skin types and you’ll see immediate results – it doesn’t discriminate…