Beer Kat: Holloway Road Pop Up Pub

June 6, 2016

203 Holloway Road, N78DL

In London, bars are constantly opening, re-opening and shutting down. Sometimes you rock up to a bar you once knew, only to find a Starbucks in its place. It’s hard to pin down a local, in more ways than one. So, it seems only right that London would be the perfect place for a new temporary bar.

Beer Kat is a new concept where the bar changes frequently so just like gingers, it literally doesn’t have a soul. And we think they’ve sold it to the devil because Beer Kat will be pimped out to one brewery a month. The brewery take over and fill its insides with beer-fuelled guts and glory. This month, dominating the space in full throttle, is the guys from Beavertown. Upon hearing this news, I wrote the opening date down in my diary, so I shall never forget such an erection (because I do seem to forget many).

I find myself outside used to be called Phibbers (and briefly 12 bar). The stench of beer is flooding out onto the street and every chortling man is armed with a pint or a half. The varied amount of halfs indicate to me that there must be a lot of different beers to try, but I can’t recall Beavertown having such a range.

I fly through the doors, thirsty and aroused by the smell. It still has the bare skeleton of what the old place used to be but now is dressed up in a Beavertown spacesuit. Illustrations and doodles are splattered across the place making it hard to forget exactly which Brewery take over this is. Plenty of people have found a place to sit down, and all seem to be discussing the beer. There’s three levels with different pumps on each and a kitchen at the top, currently a Tiberi Burger pop-up. Although the thought of sitting in a corner with a big plate of Patatas Bravas sounds appealing, I am here for that golden nectar.

There are several Beavertown draft beer, cans and a interesting selection of wine (not made by Beavertown). According to their twitter, they’ve only stocked a limited amount of barrels for some of their selection so I opt for the rarer of the beers – Spresso. A barrel aged coffee stout that is as smooth as velvet. I feel a warm surge throughout my body, which I imagine is close to what love feels like.

As I navigate the rickety stairs and put my feet up near a sweet spot by a window, I start to feel like I’m at home. All the staff (employed by Beer Kat) are really helpful and already seem knowledgeable about the beers that they’re selling. But after asking, where can I find more ‘Spresso, I’m met with a blank expression. But I move on to another stout – a sour cherry and sea salt Heavy Water which has the perfect level of fruit and beer flavour. The range of beers they’re stocking is really rare and hard to find anywhere else. I’m struck with anxiety that I’m having a beer affair, that I will know will eventually leave me.

There are to be more events throughout the month, hosted by Beavertown. Bands will take to the dusty old stage, which currently hosts a DJ tonight. Posters advertise a Chilli Karaoke which I’m interested to see. And after trying several more beers like the unforgettable 8 Ball, I’m ready to meander down the concrete snake that is Holloway Road. Beer Kat really is worth making the pilgrimage for, and I’m disappointed that they’re only open during the weekends.



Average Price Of A Pint: £5

Opening Times:

Thursday 5pm – 1am,

Friday 12pm – 1am,

Saturday 12pm – 2am,

Sunday 12pm – 10.30pm




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