My vintage guide to the White Isle, Ibiza

December 16, 2014

Ibiza is renowned for its dance and clubbing lifestyle choices but long before the debauchery, it was a prime holiday destination for artists, writers and creatives. It was a spiritual place in the ‘60s where hippies would come to centre themselves. Now, that same mystical magic that so many had come to enjoy, can still be felt on the sandy shores of The White Isle.

Where to stay:  Many notable characters lived in Ibiza like Sex Pistols’ rebel, Sid Vicious. Grabbing a villa can grab you a taste of why so many artists settled down here but as far as hotels go, Ibiza Rocks is by far the best. It doesn’t just have a large hotel themed with colour picks and guitars, but has a concert in your back garden next to a crystal swimming pool. Rock stars are close enough to touch in this palace of pool parties and palm trees. The package comes complete with free entry to the Indie bar, Ibiza Rocks on San Antonio shore.

Drink: Most San Antonio clubs are pretty much the same and play some dreary repetitive house that the island is famed for. Ground Zero hosted the best new rock music and a heavy metal room to mosh at your own pleasure. Some might say, “Why come to Ibiza and go to a rock club?” Well, our answer to you is this, who gives a flying fuck? It’s got pint-sized cocktails, showings of Jack Ass and the BEST music has to offer. All it was missing is live band nights.

Shop:  To keep in with the Ibiza Hippie style, there is a Hippie market every Wednesday in Las Dalias offering up the artistic nature of the island. If you’re looking for vintage stores outside market stores, Holala Ibiza is the perfect location. Boasting of customers like Kate Moss, it offers home, fashion and vintage accessories.

Scattered around Ibiza is a shop from Anyisa Sam who used to be an antique Dealer. Now she owns a chain of shops called Solis Lucrum, selling vintage designs and accessories.

Beach: Borra Borra was a beauty of a beach and it is a real beach unlike the man-made one in San An.  Ibiza music blares out from the nearby bars, making it easy to get your alcohol fix whilst catching those rays. The drinks here are marginally priced more than the San Antonio area.
A big hit in the 60s was Benirras beach. Hidden behind the pine trees, people still gather every Sunday to watch the famous sunset on the crystal Mediterranean sea.

Tattoo: Who couldn’t resist the allure of the many tattoo shops open for business. I had to get one done at Ibiza Ink on the San Antonio strip. It happened to be my best and biggest yet getting a revolver spread across my thigh. With such detail and elegance, it is hard to not mention this place. Another good place is Nirvana which had a number of beautiful designs flying out the door wrapped in bandages.