The Carouser’s Top Commercial American Beers

July 4, 2015

So, it’s independence day. Why the British celebrate it, is beyond us. Maybe we are glad to have been separated from our American cousins? Whatever the reason, we cannot deny there is one good thing to celebrate coming out of the States, and that’s good beer. Here’s our top 10 American Beers.


10. Samuel Adams : This copper coloured brew has a distinctive craft-like taste but not strong enough to become a favourite. A good choice… if nothing else is available. Founded in 1984, Boston.


         9. Rolling Rock: An extra pale lager-style brew that has a full flavour and quite light. The bottle may be its finest point. Made in 1939 and founded in Western Pennsylvania.


8.Keystone: Apart from sounding like a surgery, this beer is light and crispy but lacking in flavour. Made in 1989 and founded in Chico, California.


7. Busch: As well as being a company that owns half the American beer brands (Rolling Rock, Budweiser, ect) they produce their own 4.7% abv beer. Their light drink was first introduced in 1955 as the first American beer brand after the Prohibition. It has serious energy but still not enough to satisfy a hunger.


6. Coors: You may have seen the Jean Claude Van Dame advert and cringed your nuts off. But this beer isn’t all about cheap gimmicks and selling out. It’s sweet malt flavour really feels good after a hard hot day, but far too watery to get you going. First produced in 1978 in Wisconsin.


5. Miller: This retro beer has recently merged with rival company Coors but hasn’t lost its flavour. The flavour alone has been enough to keep the company going for over a century. Founded in 1855 and originally from Wisconsin.


4. Blue Ribbon: This was originally called Best Select and then after generated its name from having blue ribbons wrapped around it. A pure American classic that is perfectly light and fizzy. Made in 1844 and founded in Wisconsin.


3. Blue Moon: Bizarrely served with an orange, this Belgian-style white has become the ultimate American staple, boasting of fans like Mila Kunis. The flavour of orange, oats and wheat make it the perfect blend and attributes to its national success. Founded in 1995, Colorado.

Top Ten American Beers

2. Brooklyn Beer:  This new contender rose to fame with the rise of craft beer and has stayed firmly at the top of every good brew list. It’s drinkable blend and unique caramel notes give it some fantastic character. Founded in 1987, Brooklyn New York.

Budweiser: 10 American Beers1. Budweiser: The Grandfather of American beers. Showing its age, the company had to resort to some dirty old man dealings to remind the world that they’re still alive. A bottle of Bud has become universal and one of the most leading popular beers in the world including its light range (yuck). As much as any other beer tries to compete, it has to be number one for being enjoyed by the whole party. Made in 1876 and made in St Louis.