New Year’s Goals & Resolutions

December 30, 2016

Skinny to the bone on a zero hours contract with no hope. I barely saw the daylight some weeks. My black matted hair smelt of cigarettes and alcohol whilst my nails were chipped and battered. I was broken. I had lost both my grandfather and my mother to cancer and I was losing my life to a job I hated. I no longer did the things that I loved. But before the year had ended I sat down in my dimmly lit room and wrote a list. The list cried for a way out, a route to something better, something more fulfilling. This was the first time I had wrote a list of this kind and I poured all my hopes and aspirations into it.

Now, I swear by lists. Why? Because I achieved everything on that list. I got out of the job, I threw myself into doing stuff that made me happy, even if I made little or no money. Then, miraculously, I somehow started earning an income of just doing the things I loved. In the process I became much happier. Not because I had gained things, but because I had started living the way I wanted to live. I got up at the time I wanted to get up and I did only the things that brought me joy. 
Not only did I achieve things but I discovered who I am in the process. I found that I like waking up in the morning (not too early) and I like creating things. When I was younger I would spend hours and hours, days upon days just writing, drawing and making things with my imagination completely alone. And though that may be considered ‘sad’ to some people, to me, it’s what I enjoy. 
This year, after looking back at everything, I wanted to post my list more publicly on my blog. I love sharing my creations as much as I love sharing my journey. I hope to inspire people as much as I have been inspired by other blogs. So without further ado…..
Mandy Morello’s 
2017 List Of 
Goals & Resolutions
  •  Be Fluent In Spanish
  • Move To A Bigger Place
  • Make More Videos
  • Eat Organic
  • Shop Independently
  • Take Up Yoga & Meditation
  • A new office for The Carouser
  • Take The Carouser on a trip
  • Face my fears of public speaking and pitching
  • Take wayyyy more photos of my outfits
  • Fly To Mexico

Please let me know what are your goals this year in the comments below!