My Top 10 Life-Enhancing Apps

April 9, 2017

If you have the displeasure of knowing me, you would know that I am insanely organised. I have to be. From having to working for myself, to living alone with only myself responsible for bills, tidying and maintenance. If I didn’t make my plans and “systems”, the world around me would just not flow and work as easily as it does now. Anyway, is being organised a crime?

Besides my chunky planner and school-style notebook, I can often be found jotting a lot of things down on my phone. Once, when caught red handed tapping on my phone at a previous employment, my boss was completely shocked to find that the apps I use weren’t games, social or helping me find my next date. They all improve my life in one way or the other.

Because the apps I use might not necessarily be known to everyone, I wanted to share my top 10 life-enhancing apps that help me with productivity and better my life. C’est la vie.


Not only is Remente aesthetically pleasing, it’s incredibly useful. It’s a goal setting app that helps you track each step to reach your goal. I use this for setting career goals, yoga regimes and leading a fulfilling life. If you don’t feel like you have any goals then there are courses to complete and “boosts” that help you better yourself. I don’t even mind the push notifications which sounds like soft owl hoots. This one is for the dreamer who wants to turn their dreams into reality.
I am always striving to improve and strengthen my brain. Peak is a daily brain training app that improves a range of mental abilities including focus, memory and coordination. The app tracks your progress over time and compares the results to people of the same age. It definitely brings out the competitiveness in me too. But, I’m sad that I score pretty low on focus.
I love to keep healthy and eat wisely. I’ve tried a lot of apps that track eating but I find that Lifesum works for me the most. It’s so simple to use. Scanning bar codes, pumping the amount of water you drink and automatically tracking your steps; Lifesum is a treat. It gives you advice by the choices you make and offers recipes to match what your body is lacking. Plus, if you wanted to go on a diet, you can choose from a number of plans… Did you know a Koppaberg has over 1000 calories?
Stop, Breathe & Think
Mindfulness is very important to me. I wake up and meditate every morning. I’ve tried the Calm app and I’ve tried Headspace and although they’re good, I just cant seem to bring myself to part with the amount of money that they’re asking for. Breathe is the best app for free meditations. It will track the time you spend, your emotions and suggest different meditations depending on your mood. My favourite meditation is “The Lion Mind” if you were wondering.
As a self-employed, non-businessy person, Freshbooks is something that I can not live without. It tracks invoices, expenses, time tracks and manages my clients. I can send professional invoices from my phone in seconds and take photos of my receipts on the go. It just eliminates the once a month accounting day I used to have, and I am forever grateful for that.
Social Media consumes me. I really get lost down that social media rabbit hole and by the time I climb back out, hours have flown by. To help me cut down on my addiction, I use Buffer. Buffer schedules social media posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Rather than post manually everyday, I schedule all my month’s posts in just one day. Win Win Chicken Din.
Oh my I love reading. If I couldn’t write, I would just spend all my days reading in random positions (I can’t read a book in a normal pose). So when an interesting article pops up while I’m working, I have to fight a strong urge to not read it. Pocket allows me to save articles “in my pocket” so I can read it later. I end up saving up at least 20 articles and plough through them on a Sunday. This way I don’t procrastinate and I don’t have to navigate the Matrix to find the article again.
Yeah this seems pretty obvious but iCalender lets me see what my days/weeks/months/years look like. Handy for when I’m out and about and want to book an appointment. With this app, I can quickly whip out my phone and tell someone where I have room for them in my schedule. Yeah buddy. I can also sync Google calendars which is where I store my editorial and social media calendars. Who knows what I would do without a phone.
Getting around the city can prove quite a challenge sometimes. I often find myself using this app when I’m heading to a bar launch or an event. It will tell you the quickest way of getting to places and even include the times of the next bus or tube. You can even use this in a number of cities other than London. It was my best friend in New York, Barcelona and Munich. I’m pretty sure it’s going to come in handy on future trips too.
This is probably the app I’ve had for the longest time. It’s a handy organised notebook in an app which is 100 times better than the simple notes that comes already installed on the phone. You can organise your notes into separate notebooks and even search for keywords and locations. I use this when I’m out reviewing, for my creative notes and for storing hashtags. There is an option to share your notes with friends or colleagues but I use mine for pure note taking. It’s wonderful.
What apps do you use for improving your life? Let me know in the comments below!