Strike your best pin up girl pose by these retro London lidos

March 20, 2015
England is laced with buildings and sites that come from a time when life was simple. In the thirties, 169 Lidos were built in the UK to reflect the growing popularity of outdoor swimming pools. As time has worn on, many lidos have closed down or been destroyed but some remain amongst the dusty streets of London. For many like me who claw our antique ringed finger-tips on to the past’s trails, I’ve sourced the best Art Deco Lidos left in the city.

London Fields Lido
One of the biggest lidos that were built in the thirties and is London’s only heated pool. It’s popular with the hipsters that flock to the area and can become really busy in the summer.

Park Roads Pools
The Park Road Lido is amongst The four Park Road Pools in Crouch End. It opened as Hornsey Lido in 1929 and is still is perfect for lounging around in a British summer.

Hampton Pool
This lido was re-opened in the 80s after shutting down briefly. It’s a smaller heated Hampton Pool that was built in 1922. Now, it’s open every single day and has been called ‘one of Britain’s coolest, biggest, hippest pools’ by The Sunday Times.

Charlton Lido

Home to Charlton Lido Swimming Club who can be found swimming in its waters no matter what the British weather chucks at them. It was open in 1939 and is one of only three lidos left in South East London. Plans to renovate this pool include adding a diving area.

Parliament Hill Lido

Opened in 1938 (pictured above) Parliament Hill Lido is the swimming pool I frequent the most. Situated next to the picturesque Hampstead Heath, it’s the perfect destination for a day out in the sun.

Tooting Bec Lido
One of the oldest and largest lidos in London is Tooting Bec Lido that opened in 1906. It was redecorated in the thirties with brightly coloured cubicles. The pool was even featured in Snatch’s boxing pool scene with Brad Pitt.

Brockwell Lido
Built in 1937, Brockwell Lido is also known as Brixton’s Beach. It has been listed as an Art Deco Grade II building, ensuring that this lido won’t disappear for a long time.