Drink Review: Wine Of Fire

June 30, 2015

Wine Of Fire 11% abv

When someone showed me a picture of multi coloured wine that looked like fire after shaking it, I was intrigued. Of course I would never be seen dead walking around with a drink that resembled a lava lamp but I was curious to know what it taste like.

Now, sat in front of me are four bottles that are dancing like fire inside their bulb-like chambers all the way from Spain. I begin to wonder if it’s safe to consume. Silver glitter mixed with food colouring looks cool but not very appetising. But in the name of The Carouser, I’ll suck it up (quite literally).

While the glitter swirls around in the glass looking like something out of Harry Potter, I feel slightly repulsed by it. But shockingly it smells like wine. This is encouraging but I can’t seem to separate the smell from the sight. Nonetheless I put this potion to my lips and drink. It tastes like it smells – like wine. But cheap wine like Lambrini and at 11% it comes as no surprise that it tastes a little weak. I feel like this could be the alchopop of wine for its fizzy and sweetly acidic taste. Not cool.

I try the Rosee version that is a little different and tastes fruity. It’s more drinkable than the latter but still has an element of tackiness to it. They all have a slight hit of citrus but not enough to repel the thought of drinking glitter. Even though the shimmer is concocted from crystallised fruit juice that is said not to affect the flavour, it certainly affects street cred.

Wine Of Fire certainly has the novelty factor. It has mildly impressed a select few who have seen it residing my liquor cabinet for a while but I feel as though their opinions might change when it comes down to drinking it. The thing that I am most depressed about is that it didn’t make me pee glitter.