Dolly Girl Style Capsule Wardrobe: Over 30 Outfits

January 20, 2021
dolly girl style capsule wardrobe

After the popularity of my post on dressing like a dolly girl, I thought I’d dive a little deeper into this sixties fashion trend by giving you a Dolly Girl inspired capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist’s dream. It’s all about getting as many outfits as you can from a small number of pieces. In this sixties-inspired capsule, I’ll be using 12 pieces to create over 40 outfits.

To make it simpler, we can split the capsule into “modules”. One module will create 12 outfits from only six pieces- almost a full week’s worth of looks! Let’s start by looking at some of the inspiration behind my dolly girl-inspired capsule wardrobe.


Module 1

Inspired by the images above, I’ve created this first capsule wardrobe module.

Outer Layer: Double Breasted Coat

The outer layer had to be a statement piece coat in a pastel colour. From most of the Dolly Girl images Dolly girls I have seen, they opted for a double breasted coat style that is just as long as their dress or skirt.

Top Layer #1: Lilac Turtleneck

Who wouldn’t look fabulous in a classic turtleneck jumper in a shade of lilac?

Top Layer #2: Pussy Bow Blouse

A classy pussy bow blouse is the perfect item for a dolly girl, mixing that cute with sass at the same time.

Top Layer #3: Gingham Shirt

I couldn’t resist including a gingham shirt for good measure á la Bardot.

Bottom Layer #1: Pinafore

Inspired by miss Patti Boyd, I’ve opted for a plain black pinafore which will work swimmingly well with all the top layers.

Bottom Layer #2: A Line White Skirt

And would it really be a sixties inspired capsule wardrobe without a miniskirt?

Et viola! Here are eight outfits using our module one though twelve can be created.

Module 2

Now let’s mix it up a bit by adding another module.

Outer Layer: Pink Wool Cardigan

Keeping it cute and sweet, we’ll use a knitted wool cardigan for the outer layer this time. We don’t need another winter coat do we?

Top Layer #1: Purple Collared Top

A plain top with a cute collar would tie in well with our dolly theme. Imagine pairing this with a beehive!

Top Layer #2: Peter Pan Dress

This time, I’m including a dress with our module. Peter pan collar dresses were the most iconic look for the dolly girl style and one that is worth repeating.

Top Layer #3: Green Over-Sized Collared Blouse

Keeping on theme with an oversized collar and frilly sleeve details.

Bottom Layer: Blue Pleated Skirt

I’ve chucked in a pleated blue skirt for good measure inspired by school uniforms.

Outer Layer #2: Checkered Trousers

And checkered trousers were a big thing in the sixties, so naturally I had to include one. Getting the right colour is a thing of art.

And so, 12 more outfits can be made with these six pieces. Let’s have a look at them.

And it doesn’t just stop there. We can mix both modules together to create more than 30 outfits. That’s a month’s worth of outfits and we haven’t even added any accessories.

Hopefully this will inspire you to think about your own wardrobe and see how you can create your own modules. Reducing your wardrobe to a few key pieces means you can spend more on better quality clothing that will last longer.

Let me know which outfits are your favourite in the comments below.

P.S. If you want to read more about sixties fashion, my book ‘How To Dress Like It’s The Sixties‘ is available now on Amazon.


  • Billie
    January 20, 2021

    Oh wow! So much inspiration!

  • Julie G
    January 20, 2021

    I love this Mandy! I’d love to see more of this 😀

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