Documentary: The Eye Has To Travel

May 1, 2015

There’s something so captivating about Diana Vreeland. A woman who tells her story through artistic eyes and a colourful memory. Though her past maybe purely fabricated, it’s woven with the finest silk.

Vreeland was fashion editor for Vogue in the ’60s till the ’70s. She changed the magazine forever through her rebellious and elaborate vision. The Eye Has To Travel is a documantary on her life through her dark brown eyes.

“I know there’s only one great life. That’s the life you know what you want and you make it yourself.” – Diana Vreeland

Her husky New York accent is as interesting as the words she utters across this movie. She begins with Paris to her journey through the 1920s, then on to New York her eccentric column in Hapar’s Bazzar titled “Why Don’t You…”. She explores her chance meetings with Lauren Bacall, Chanel and even Hitler. Every sentence she speaks is quoteable and every interviewee has so much to say about this iconic woman.

As a woman who strongly advocates individulity and strength, I think Diana Vreeland serves as a perfect role model. Her creativity, personality and drive made her one of the most memorable women from that time. That deserves to be celebrated.