Diary: November 2016

November 1, 2016

I can feel the Winter from here. The heating is now officially on and the slippers have become a staple to my lounge-wear.

This month has got me thinking about focus. Although I am supposed to be rounding up the edits of The Carouser’s Idol Issue, I find myself here, writing my monthly diary. I begin to wonder why I started this diary in the first place.

This website was meant to be nothing more than a portfolio of my work. But, I guess, I felt like I needed something out of it too. A display for all my hard work isn’t enough. I want to inspire people; to entertain and amuse. Writing a diary can be very therapeutic, too. I hope to look back in maybe a years time and see how I’ve grown. This diary is for me. And for you.

So where am I now? Well, I have cut down my hours at my desk job, and decided to engage more in freelance. But, although I have taken on much more work, I have realised that I can’t say yes to every job. It won’t make me happy. My plans now are to only accept the jobs that I love and hopefully, write for more magazines.

My magazine, The Carouser, is almost rounded up and now I can completely focus on the event that’s happening on the 8th December. I intend to make it the best event that I can envision. It will be The Carouser’s first of many parties to come, so naturally, it will have to be so good that people will want to come back.

And this Mandy-Morello.com? I love this site. I’ve had it since my collage years. It’s been there when I needed it to be a fashion blog for art, a journalism blog for uni and a music blog for post-graduation. Now, it looks exactly how I want it to look. But, I feel it can be more than just a showcase of all my passions. It can be a guide too.

From now on, I will attempt to work on this site as though it’s a business. It will be a place to follow my journey, to guide you and to learn about living the creative life you want. Does that sound good to you? Let me know in the comment box below.

November Goals
  • Write 4 ‘personal’ blog posts
  • Complete The Carouser’s Idol Issue
  • Organize the party of the century!

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