7 Ways To Repurpose Your Event Photos

April 15, 2018
repurposing your event photos

So, you’ve got a bunch of event photos and sure, they look awesome. But are you really using them to their full potential? There are so many ways you can use your event photos to maximise sales, attract bigger audiences and engage followers. Why just stop at posting to Instagram?

repurpos your event photos

1. Post On Social Media

Yes, it’s obvious but really important. 3 out of 4 marketers consider social media very important for marketing events and 78% of them use Facebook. Create a facebook gallery, post them on your event page, let your followers tag themselves and allow the ones who didn’t attend burn with regret. On all of your platforms, tell the stories behind each photo and let your audience connect with the imagery. Don’t forget to post on Linkedin too!

2. Website Gallery

The thing about social media is that eventually your content will be lost over time. You need a more permanent location to house your event photos and allow people to return to them over and over again. After all, you should never build your home on rented land. So place your photos on your website in a gallery or work them into your website content. This will allow anyone who’s looking at your business website, see for themselves what you do and look forward to your next event.

3. Blog Post

Blog posts on the subject of your products or services, position you as an expert and create more of a connection with your audience. Writing blog posts relating to your event can generate quite a buzz. To match your engaging stories, you’ll need some visual assistance. Use your event photos to make your blog posts visually interesting and it will draw people in to read more.

4. Press Release

Even if you have a huge number of followers, having your event featured on a more established platform or publication will do wonders for your reach. So, if you want the press to feature your event, they’re gonna need some photos. Write up a press release and send them a small file of the best photos of your event. Give them a story, something interesting, and tailor it towards the right publication. I wrote an article on how to pitch to magazines on my own blog.

5. Posters & Flyers

If you’re throwing more events or are creating a leaflet about your business, you’re going to need some great photos. People remember 80% of what they see but only 20% of what they read. So in this case, your marketing materials need the right type of imagery to leave an impression. Nothing would work better than professional photos of your amazing event right?

6. Send To Sponsors

If you were lucky enough to have a business to sponsor your event, remember to show your gratitude and thank them immediately after the event. Send along any photos of your event, especially any that feature their business. And don’t forget to give them permission to publish the photos on their website and social media platforms. They usually can’t wait to share them too.

7. Send To influencers, public figures and noteworthy people.

If you had some well-known names in attendance, then chances are they have social media platforms with a fair amount of followers. Make sure you grab their details and send them any photos that they are featured in. If they don’t post it themselves, post it on your own and don’t forget to tag them and tell your followers who they are. It will make your event seem like it was a very important event indeed.

Last Note: If you’re throwing a series of events, be sure to weave your photos into your event marketing strategy. People love to see a sneak peek of what the event will look like before they attend.


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