Why you should visit Brigitte Bardot’s favourite spanish beach resort

June 26, 2019
Torremolinos Beach Travel Guide

Underneath the cocktail umbrellas and pitchers of beer, lies a small Spanish pueblo, full of stories. Paparazzi-style clippings of Hollywood fame, and whisperings of the ’60s glamour that graced the shores of Torremolinos beach.

Torremolinos was one of the hottest destinations during the late ’50s and ’60s. Iconic names like Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn chose this spot of Costa Del Sol to soak up the warm Mediterranean sun.

50 years on, it’s still a tourist destination but you’re more likely to bump into the lady that lives around the corner from you than a Hollywood star. Despite this, on a recent trip, I found that there’s still a little of the old magic of Torremolinos Beach that was once there.

Torremolinos Beach Travel Diary

La Playa.

What makes walking alongside Torremolinos’ beaches extra special is knowing that some of my favourite icons from the ’60s have enjoyed the same sands. Brigitte Bardot infamously sunbathed naked on Torremolinos’ Carihuela beach on one of her many stays. 

Bardot’s behaviour paired with the filming of a provocative movie shocked many of the locals. Despite several complaints to the council, Torremolinos named a street after her and more recently, have painted a mural of her in one of the main squares.

On Location

Filmed In Torremolinos. A romantic French movie starring Brigitte Bardot.


The glamorous days of the ’50s & ’60s have left behind many beautiful Chiringuitos. Chiringuitos are bars that sell drinks and tapas by the beach. My favourite was El Velero Playa Restaurant where they dish up all the local foods including a catch of the day. El Velero opened in 1965 and has been perfecting their Mediterranean cuisine ever since. 

What I Ordered:

  • Sangria
  • Spanish Tortilla
  • Paella
  • Fried Anchovies
  • More Sangria
Torremolinos Beach Travel Guide


Torremolinos Beach Travel Guide: Pez Espalda
Torremolinos Guide: Hotel Tropicana

So where did all those iconic actors and actresses stay? Pez Espada opened in 1959 and became a haven for Hollywood vacationers. Some famous guests include Sophia Loren, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra who infamously was arrested in the building.

Then, Hotel Tropicana opened the first big Chiringuito in the Costa Del Sol and became another hot spot for ’60s holidaymakers.

Full disclosure: I didn’t go inside either of these hotels so I can’t really give you a recommendation, but it was nice to admire them from afar.

Torremolinos In The 60s

Andulusian Food

Traditional Andulusian Food

I am a sucker for traditional Spanish cuisine and Andalusia is famed for it. For breakfast, they do their own style of Churros which is layered with chocolate. I had mine in Bar El Toro for just €3 including a coffee. Bar El Toro has been around since the ’60s too.

Being near the ocean, a lot of signature dishes consist of fish. Walking past many of the chiringuitos, I noticed that they have their catch of the day cooking outside. They’re called Pescado Frito (fried fish) and are extremely tasty. My personal favourite Andalusian food is Gambas Al Pil Pil (Spicey prawns) which is served up sizzling.

If you go, don’t forget to try the local wine. I highly recommend heading to Bodegas Quitapenas for this.

Address Book

Carihuela Beach

Playa De Carihuela, Torremolinos
Málaga, España

El Valero Playa Restaurant

Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo
29620, Torremolinos
Málaga, España

Los Leones Chiringuito

Calle Nerja, s/n, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, España

Hotel Tropicana

Calle del Trópico, 6, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, España

Bodegas Quitapenas

Cuesta del Tajo, 3, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, España

Bar El Toro

Calle San Miguel, 32, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, España

Hotel Pez Espada

Calle Salvador Allende, 11, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain

Casa Juan

Calle de San Ginés, 20, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain

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